Why Add Mica To Cosmetics?

September 21,2022

For women, they need not only fair skin, but also proper luster. So, how to realize this idea? Mica powder will surprise you.


Application of Nano Calcium Carbonate

September 05,2022

Nano calcium carbonate refers to a functional inorganic filler with a particle size of 1-100nm. It is widely used in many fields.


Can Baby Powder be Used?

August 20,2022

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Common Faults and Treatment of Shaft Kiln

August 06,2022

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How to Use Hammer Crusher Correctly?

July 22,2022

Although the hammer head of the hammer crusher is a vulnerable part, if the hammer crusher can be used correctly and reasonably, the service life of the hammer head can be extended and the replacement cost can be reduced.


The Applications of Food Grade Titanium Dioxide

July 09,2022

Food-grade titanium dioxide, also known as edible titanium dioxide, commonly known as white pigment, is also used as a food whitening agent. It is non-toxic, tasteless and white powder. Food-grade titanium dioxide is one of the food whitening agents with the best whitening effect. Because of this characteristic, food-grade titanium dioxide is often used in the fields of medicine, food and cosmetics.


Working Principle of Calcium Carbonate Dryer

June 27,2022

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The Difference Between Ring Roll Mill and Raymond Mill

June 14,2022

Ring roller mill and Raymond mill are two commonly used equipments for grinding stone powder in the mining industry. Both of them belong to vertical mills, and the difference is not very big in appearance. Therefore, users who need to buy mills should ask Now, what's the difference between the two? Let's analyze it together.


Characteristics of Calcium Carbonate Dryer

May 19,2022

A calcium carbonate dryer, also known as a calcium carbonate disc continuous dryer, is mainly used for drying materials with certain humidity and particle size range. It is widely used for drying loose materials such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, quartz sand, mineral powder, calcium carbonate, pulverized coal, pigments, dyes, pesticides, medicine, and various metal concentrates and tailings. After years of R & D and industrial tests, the calcium carbonate dryer has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, and sealing.


What You Should Know about the Uses of Graptolite

May 06,2022

One of the ore resources found in nature, graptolite, also known as concave clay, is a clay mineral with a chain-layered structure containing a water-rich magnesium-aluminum silicate. The mineral has a Mohs hardness of 2-3 and is highly hygroscopic. So, do you know what uses it has?