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October 29,2021

Sericite is a new type of mineral material. As a mineral material, it is mainly based on its physical and chemical properties, fine scale and obvious slippery appearance; It has strong silk luster, moderate light transmittance and covering optical properties; Mechanical properties of compression, tension, wear and shear resistance; The chemical stability of acid and alkali resistance and good thermal, electrical and pharmaceutical properties make sericite not only a high-quality filler in coatings, plastics, rubber, papermaking and cosmetics industries, but also used in many fields such as construction, drilling, welding electrodes and so on.


sericit powder


Application of Sericite in plastic industry


Sericite, as a filler for plastics, can enhance and modify, especially because it has good heat resistance and electrical insulation, which can improve the heat resistance and electrical insulation of plastic products and reduce the shrinkage and warpage rate. When sericite is added to polypropylene in the proportion of 50%, the puncture resistance of plastic products can be increased by 1.3 times and the dielectric constant can be increased by more than 40%.


Application of Sericite in papermaking industry


Sericite is a high-quality filler and coating in the paper industry. In particular, sericite is used as a coating. The paper has bright white color, strong ability to reflect ultraviolet rays, and is not easy to yellowing after long-term storage. Japanese scholars have studied the influence of Sericite scale on papermaking performance. The research shows that the particle size of Sericite as filler has an obvious influence on the breaking degree, smoothness and tightness of paper, while the shape of filler has no influence. China has an invention patent for the manufacturing method of Sericite papermaking coating grade clay, The process of making papermaking coating from sericite is: crushing → grinding (ultra-fine) → slag removal → classification → modification → dehydration → bleaching. The whiteness of the final product is greater than 85% and the particle size is less than 10% μm。


Application of Sericite in coating industry


Sericite is widely used in the architectural coating industry: it can not only be used as a physical pigment to increase the fullness of the coating film, prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays and improve the weather resistance and heat resistance of the coating film, but also because it is a flake particle, its natural gradation is conducive to overlapping and filling each other from fine to coarse in the coating film, increasing the compactness of the coating film, so as to improve the covering power of the coating, Improve the adhesion of the coating to make it bond more firmly with the base, reduce the amount of high priced pigment and reduce the cost. It is inert, light in weight and scale structure. After it is added to the coating, it is easy to disperse, which can improve the suspension of the coating, reduce layered precipitation, improve storage stability, brush resistance and chemical corrosion resistance; It also has certain thickening and thixotropic effects, and can improve the washing resistance and water resistance of the film. Therefore, it can be used as a filler in the production of matte, flat and high gloss paints, as an additive for heat-resistant, antifouling and radiation-proof coatings for building exterior walls, or to produce antirust and corrosion-resistant coatings. When sericite powder is added to architectural coatings, it is found that the sedimentation, thixotropy and washing resistance of the coatings become better; The viscosity, consistency, hiding power and whiteness of 107 water-based interior wall coating meet the performance requirements of the coating and can meet the requirements of interior wall decoration of medium-grade buildings.


Application of Sericite in cosmetics industry


It has fine particle size, good dispersity, and can be mixed evenly with water and glycerin. It is a good filler for cosmetics such as emulsion, cream and powder. It has fine texture, elasticity, appropriate gloss and high whiteness, which can meet the special needs of high-grade beauty cosmetics. For example, the scaly structure of Sericite can reflect ultraviolet rays, so adding sunscreen can resist ultraviolet rays and prevent skin tanning. The whitening agent also achieves the effect of whitening and reducing cost due to the use of Sericite. Sericite is also a pearly finish for nail polish, lipstick and eye ointment, as well as an additive for toothpaste. The quality requirements of Sericite used as cosmetic filler: whiteness > 85%, SiO2 < 50%, Al2O3 > 30%, as < 3 μg/g, Pb < 40 μg/g, Cd < 1 μg/g.


Application of Sericite in other aspects


In the ceramic industry, sericite can not only give the blank plasticity, but also act as a solvent, that is, sericite has the porcelain forming characteristics of kaolin and feldspar, and the price is low. In the production of electrode, sericite powder is used as the coating of electrode, which can prevent the coating from cracking and play the role of welding flux. It can also give the electrode coating good smoothness and viscosity, help to improve the process performance, coating performance and appearance quality of electrode, replace titanium dioxide and reduce the formulation cost of electrode.


Next, let's talk about Calcium Carbonate BP grade.


calcium carbonate


BP grade is generally used to describe the standard of API. BP is the British Pharmacopoeia, which is the official collection of British medical standards officially published by the British drug Council. It is not only an important source of British pharmaceutical standards, but also an important basis for drug quality control and drug production license management. The Pharmacopoeia contains thousands of valuable medical monographs, of which hundreds are new medical theories.


BP has strict control over impurity content. If it is a BP grade raw material, it means that the raw material meets the BP standard and belongs to a better grade. Generally, it will be better than CP.


There also have EP grade and USP grade. EP is the European Pharmacopoeia which is the only guiding document for drug quality testing in Europe. All manufacturers of drugs and pharmaceutical substrates must comply with the quality standards of the European pharmacopoeia in the process of marketing and use in Europe.


USP is the United States Pharmacopoeia and is prepared by the United States Pharmacopoeia Committee. The United States Pharmacopoeia is a technical regulation made by the United States government on drug quality standards and verification methods. It is also the legal basis for drug production, use, management and inspection. NF contains new drugs and preparations not yet included in the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).


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