Calcium Carbonate drying machine manufacturer

October 29,2021

With the development of chemical industry, more and more machines are made to facilitate our lives. For the construction industry and the clinical industry, the Calcium Carbonate drying machine is a good invention.


Calcium Carbonate drying machine


What is a Calcium Carbonate drying machine?


Calcium Carbonate drying machine, also known as calcium carbonate disc continuous dryer, is mainly used to dry materials with a certain humidity and particle size range. It is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemicals, quartz sand, mineral powder, calcium carbonate, coal powder, pigments, and dyes. , pesticides, medicines and various metal concentrates, tailings and other loose materials drying. After years of research and development and industrial tests, our company has made the Calcium Carbonate drying machine have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and airtightness.


Why use Calcium Carbonate drying machine?


Calcium carbonate is a basic raw material in chemical industrial production, including heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, activated calcium carbonate, and nanometer calcium carbonate. It is widely used in the fields of rubber, plastics, papermaking, coatings, medicine and health care and pesticide production. It is an ideal chemical production filler. The finished product made of light calcium carbonate as a filler has unique features and high quality such as waterproof, insulating, beautiful, lightweight, durable, and smooth net height. With the current economic development and the country’s construction of an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly society, the market’s demand for light calcium carbonate is increasing year by year, and the requirements for the production of light calcium carbonate are also increasing. Consumption and environmental protection of production have put forward new requirements in the new era. Therefore, the Calcium Carbonate drying machine is particularly important.


Features of Calcium Carbonate drying machine:


  1. Large drying capacity, a single piece of equipment can produce more than 30,000 tons of light calcium carbonate per year, which meets the requirements of the light calcium carbonate production line;


  1. The product quality is good, the moisture content of calcium carbonate is about 33% before entering the dryer, the material flow is single, and there is no back-mixing phenomenon. The heating time of the materials is basically the same, the heating is very uniform, and the moisture content of the finished product after one-time drying is ≤0.3%, which better guarantees the product quality;


  1. High thermal efficiency and low energy consumption. Disc continuous dryer is a kind of heat conduction drying equipment. There is no disadvantage that hot air takes away a lot of heat in air drying. The energy consumption of drying the same material is 1/2 of the energy consumption of other air drying or drum drying. ~1/5 (same production capacity), which greatly reduces processing costs and increases corporate profits;


  1. The equipment has good control performance. Each layer of the drying plate can be individually fed with heating medium to heat the material. By adjusting the thickness of the material layer, the spindle speed, the number of harrow arms, the type and size of the harrow blades, the drying process can be optimized, and the time for the material to contact the heating plate surface is basically same, the heating is very uniform. The dried material will not overheat;


  1. Continuous feeding and discharging greatly improves the efficiency of the equipment and production capacity;


  1. The equipment has strong adaptability and can produce many varieties of light calcium carbonate and active calcium carbonate, which can be used as one machine for multiple purposes;


  1. No loss of materials and good environmental protection. The equipment is closed operation, which reduces the diffusion of dust into the air and meets the requirements of environmental protection.


The above content is about the advantages of Calcium Carbonate drying machine, may be you need one or more to facilitate your factory. We are Calcium Carbonate drying machine manufacturer, welcome to contact us for a free quote.