Characteristics of Calcium Carbonate Dryer

May 19,2022

A calcium carbonate dryer, also known as a calcium carbonate disc continuous dryer, is mainly used for drying materials with certain humidity and particle size range. It is widely used for drying loose materials such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, quartz sand, mineral powder, calcium carbonate, pulverized coal, pigments, dyes, pesticides, medicine, and various metal concentrates and tailings. After years of R & D and industrial tests, the calcium carbonate dryer has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, and sealing.


Calcium Carbonate Dryer


  1. The drying capacity is large, and a single piece of equipment can produce more than 30000 tons of light calcium carbonate per year, which meets the requirements of the light calcium carbonate production line.


  1. The product quality is good, the moisture content of calcium carbonate before entering the dryer is about 33%, the material flow direction is single, and there is no back mixing. The heating time of materials is the same, and the heating is very uniform. After one-time drying, the moisture content of finished products is ≤ 0.3%, which better ensures the product quality.


  1. High thermal efficiency and low energy consumption. Disc continuous dryer is a kind of heat conduction drying equipment, which does not have the disadvantage that a large amount of heat is taken away by hot air in airflow drying. The energy consumption cost of drying the same kind of materials is 1 / 2 -1 / 5 of that of other airflow drying or rotary drum drying (the same production capacity), which greatly reduces the processing cost and increases the enterprise profit.


  1. The equipment has good regulation performance. Each layer of the drying plate can be separately filled with a heating medium to heat the materials. The drying process can be optimized by adjusting the thickness of the material layer, the speed of the main shaft, the number of rake arms, and the type and size of rake blades. The time for the materials to contact the heating plate surface is the same, and the heating is very uniform. The dried material will not overheat.


  1. Continuous feeding and discharging improves the use efficiency of the equipment and greatly improves the production capacity.


  1. It can be used as a light calcium carbonate production machine with strong variety and activity.


  1. No material loss and good environmental protection. The equipment is closed operation, which reduces the diffusion of dust into the air and meets the requirements of environmental protection.
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