Cosmetics Grade Sericite

October 29,2021

When it comes to sericite, most people may feel puzzled as it is a kind of raw material so most of us have no chance to contact with this material. But it is indeed commonly existed in our daily life because there is a kind of sericite that could be applied into cosmetics such as puff cake. Let’s have a look at cosmetics grade sericite.


Cosmetics Grade Sericite


The definition of cosmetics grade sericite

Mica refers to a kind of hydrous aluminosilicate mineral in layered structure which contains metal elements including lithium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, aluminum, zinc, iron, vanadium. Sericite could be divided into white mica, biotite, gold mica, lithium mica and so on. Among them, white mica and gold mica are the most commonly found in the process of industry.


Sericite belongs to white mica, a kind of metasilicate with layered structure. It features in its good wearing resistance and heating resistance. And it has a stable chemical property and can’t dissolve in acid liquid. Besides that the chemical composition and structure of sericite are similar to kaolin. It also has some characteristics of clay minerals, that is, good dispersion and suspension in water medium and organic solvent, white and fine, sticky and so on. Therefore, sericite has many characteristics of both mica and clay minerals.


The application of sericite


Painting industry


Sericite powder used in paint can reflect light and heat and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays and other light and heat to paint film, Increase the acid, alkali and electrical insulation performance of the coating, make the coating bright and beautiful, improve the durability, frost resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness and compactness of the coating, reduce the air permeability of the coating, prevent spots and cracks, improve the oil-water corrosion resistance, and prevent paint precipitation. It is also the preferred filler for important anticorrosive coatings. Sericite powder is finer used as paint admixture, rubber filler, plastic filler, etc.


Plastic industry


Plastics industry: Sericite powder has its unique two-dimensional flake structure, The excellent performance of combining rigidity with softness is widely used in plastics. The excellent performance of sericite powder is that it can reduce the shrinkage and weight of products, and the warping and bending are extremely small, improving the mechanical properties, heat resistance, absolute property and chemical stability of products, increasing the surface glossiness of products and preventing plastic aging; When sericite powder is used as plastic food container and electronic cooker, it can improve the microwave transmittance of products. At present, it is suitable for polypropylene and thermoplastic polyester, which is the most promising polymer in sericite powder reinforced plastics.


Cosmetics industry


As its name implies, it easy to find that cosmetics grade sericite are applied to cosmetics as this material has a ability in ultraviolet resistance. Therefore you can easily find it in a sun scream. And the key important reason why it could be used to cosmetics could attribute to its extreme high chemical stability, a totally inert substance in non-toxic and harmless. And because its particles is very small, the powder of cosmetics sericite can’t cover the whole face completely, so it won’t impede your face breathing. Sericite is impervious to moisture so it can be used in moisturizing products to inhibit the evaporation of skin moisture. Therefore, the protective layer can delay moisture evaporation and improve skin moisture.


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