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November 22,2021

Natural silicate minerals account for about 95% of the crust mass in nature. These magnesium silicate minerals are widely used in adsorbents, decolorizers and so on. Synthetic magnesium silicate mainly includes magnesium trisilicate, magnesium hexasilicate, magnesium silicon and other metal composite salts. And this article mainly shows the application of synthetic magnesium silicate.


Food Grade Synthetic Magnesium Silicate


The application of synthetic magnesium silicate


In the early 1990s, magnesium silicate was mainly used as fireproof and thermal insulation material. After burning at 1000 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃ for 1 h, the material has no ignition trace, and its quality and properties do not change. At present, the large-scale application of magnesium silicate is mainly as an adsorbent for organic matter refining. Magnesium silicate prepared from sodium silicate and magnesium salt was used as adsorbent for organic compounds. The adsorption of magnesium silicate on 3 'isocyanate, 3' thiocyanate and N-phenyl-aminopropyl silicon was used as an index to evaluate the adsorption performance of magnesium silicate. Magnesium silicate also shows good effect on adsorption and removal of polar substances in edible oil.


  • Polyether refining


Some alkali metal ion catalysts are needed in the refining of polyether polyols, and the removal and post-treatment of residual catalysts has always been a problem that puzzles the polyether industry. It determines the moisture, acid value, K +, Na + content and polyether chromaticity of the finished polyether. In the last refining process of polyether polyol production, magnesium silicate is added according to the amount to treat brown polyether, which is converted into colorless and transparent oily liquid after circulating filtration. Its action principle is through the combination of magnesium silicate and metal ions to form a larger particle size composite salt crystallization and small solubility in polyether bulk to filter and remove, and at the same time, it also uses its porous structure to achieve decolorization and deodorization effects.


  • Frying oil treatment adsorbent and oil filter powder


As the KFC throttle-filtering incident subsided, the fact that synthetic magnesium silicate is a safe, reliable and effective adsorbent for frying oil processing has become well known. The effective substances in magnesium silicate penetrate into oil molecules through physical and chemical actions to adsorb and decompose harmful substances, comprehensively inhibit the content of free fatty acids and peroxides, remove color, inhibit the formation of polar compounds, and thoroughly remove peculiar smell to provide high-quality food. Magnesium silicate adsorbent can make frying oil no longer discarded, but it is not just a product specially treated with discarded frying oil.


It should be used after the first frying of food with crude oil, and after each frying operation, an excellent adsorbent should be used. After treatment, the oil color is clear and has no peculiar smell, which completely meets the frying oil standard and FDA & USDA standard of the United States. This product is suitable for the processing of fried chicken, potato chips, shrimp strips, instant noodles, fruit and vegetable slices, peanuts and other frying oils, and is widely used in food industry. Some large food enterprises such as chicken nugget processing factories, potato chips, fruit and vegetable slices production factories in China have also used it in large quantities.


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