Food grade Attapulgite manufacturer

October 29,2021

Attapulgite can be widely used in many fields such as building materials, environmental protection, food, medicine, agriculture, aviation and so on. However, there are many types of attapulgite. Today this article mainly introduces food grade attapulgite.


What is the Food Grade Attapulgite


China Food grade Attapulgite manufacturer


Food grade attapulgite refers to a clay mineral with attapulgite as the main component. Attapulgite is a crystalline hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate mineral.


It has a unique layer chain structure feature, and there is a lattice replacement in its structure, which helps the crystal to contain unquantified Na+, Ca2+, Fe3+, and Al3+. Attapulgite has good colloidal properties such as unique dispersion, high temperature resistance, salt and alkali resistance, and high adsorption and decolorization ability. It also has a certain degree of plasticity and adhesion


The Advantages of the Food Grade Attapulgite


  1. Food grade attapulgite is an inorganic substance that is resistant to bacteria and enzymes. Therefore, in treatment, it is used as an absorbent to help absorb bacteria and other acid enzymes.


  1. It is an inert substance and can remain stable even in a wide pH range.


  1. Due to its inorganic nature, it has the ability to stabilize and neutralize enzymes and other body fluids.


  1. Food grade attapulgite clay desiccant has the advantages of low price, fast adsorption speed and low preparation cost.


  1. Compared with other types of desiccants currently on the market, food grade attapulgite clay desiccant not only has a fast adsorption speed, but also has a high adsorption capacity. It is non-toxic, tasteless, non-contact corrosive, and non-environmental pollution. It is mainly used in food packaging and has no harm to the human body.


The Application of the Food Grade Attapulgite


  • Building materials industry


Food grade attapulgite clay is used as a filler, leveling agent, thickener and stabilizer for coatings. It has good performance and low cost, and can replace traditional light calcium. Food grade attapulgite has many advantages: good brushing performance, saving the amount of titanium dioxide. Its characteristics are: strong emission performance, good bonding performance, light weight and high toughness. It can prevent insects and adapt to changes in air temperature without deformation.


  • Food industry


The processed food grade attapulgite clay products are ideal adsorbents, food processing aids and food additives, which can replace activated carbon. It can not only decolorize, but also deodorize and deodorize, remove heavy metal ions and carcinogens, and has a certain selectivity, which provides convenience for production. It can be used as refrigerator deodorant, sewage treatment agent, household water purifier , Oil refining and decolorizing agent.


  • Pharmaceutical industry


Food grade attapulgite is essentially mineral clay. While it has a broad spectrum of applications, one of the most considerable remains in the area of medications. Though several of the medicines containing this mineral clay has been withdrawn from the marketplace, there are still a number of them that utilize it in their mixture. Mainly, food grade attapulgite is recognized for its outstanding absorption property. For this reason, it is considered perfect for medicines that need to regulate stomach disorders such as looseness of the bowels.


Food grade attapulgites can be extracted using surface area mining techniques, and afterwards be refined in a wide range of means, relying on the objective for which it will be utilized eventually. The major natural deposits of food grade attapulgite exist in United States and Georgia, though it is located in various other parts of the globe as well. Attapulgites are characterized by a distinctive grayish blue shade, that makes it suitable for pottery in the west. Yet commercially, food grade attapulgites find considerable demand in the medicine market.


In short, the food grade attapulgite has been widely used in chemical industry, building materials, papermaking, medicine, agriculture and so on. If you are looking for a reliable food grade attapulgite manufacturer, we will be your best choice. Any questions, any interest, please feel free to contact us.