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July 17,2021

You can buy food grade zinc carbonate in Shanghai Hy, we are a professional supplier, who focuses on zinc Carbonate, Nano Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Oxide and others for the Cosmetics, Food, Pharmacy and Industry products. We will share more about zinc carbonate with food grade.


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  • Possess top-level nano-chemical materials engineering technology.
  • Convenient transportation, close to the coast, and low cost.
  • Our R&D center focuses on the development of ultra-fine powders and has first-class R&D capabilities.
  • Cooperate with Zhou companies to develop various series of products.
  • Verified by the ISO, USP,BP, GMP,HALAL, FDA and so on standard.Exported to more than 70 countries and sales agents in more than 30 countries.

Food grade zinc carbonate supplier


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Food grade silica gel: the difference between zinc carbonate and zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is an activator, and so should basic zinc carbonate, but I don’t know which vulcanization speed is fast, and whether other aspects of performance are also affected. For example, what is the difference between the stretch, hardness, and elasticity of the products made? Furthermore, if zinc oxide is used to replace basic zinc carbonate, the general ratio will not be one to one. There is a difference between zinc carbonate and zinc oxide. Relatively speaking, zinc carbonate has a low zinc content. It has a common function with zinc oxide to activate accelerators to speed up vulcanization.

Regarding the PH value, the vulcanization speed is faster in alkaline conditions. So it feels that basic zinc carbonate vulcanizes faster than zinc oxide. In the vulcanization process, whether zinc carbonate can be decomposed, if it is decomposed, it is equivalent to one more step to transform into zinc oxide. In fact, as long as the quality is no problem, the vulcanization speed of basic zinc carbonate will not be significantly accelerated under normal circumstances.


Is there a difference between food grade and food grade?


Strictly speaking, food grade refers to things that can be eaten directly. For example, alcohol is divided into food grade alcohol and industrial alcohol.

Food grade refers to things that cannot be eaten directly. For example, plastic food grade can be used as food packaging material, and non-food grade cannot be used as food packaging material.

However, due to the confusion of use, the two terms can basically be used. For example, when talking about food-grade plastic, it is impossible for people to actually chew on the plastic.

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