How does Calcium Carbonate Work in Tooth Paste

January 06,2022

Food residues always remain in the mouth after eating, and they can be brushed off in the middle of brushing. This is because the friction agent in the toothpaste ingredient plays a role.


Calcium Carbonate for Tooth Paste


Ingredients of toothpaste

The main components of toothpaste generally include friction agents, flavoring agents, lubricants, foaming agents, and some other additives. We mainly discuss friction agents here, which have a frictional effect but will not damage the tooth surface and periodontal tissue. Among them, calcium carbonate is a very commonly used friction agent.


How does calcium carbonate work

Calcium carbonate and silicon dioxide account for more than half of the toothpaste content. When brushing your teeth, it is suspended in the foam and fills the mouth. It has extensive contact with tartar. The tartar is easily washed off under the friction of the toothbrush. Spit out with mouthwash. In fluoride-containing toothpaste, sodium metaphosphate, which is compatible with fluoride ions, is used as a friction agent.


Can calcium carbonate be used as toothpaste?

No. Light one can be used in toothpaste because of its light-specific gravity and fine particles.


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