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October 29,2021

Lime kiln is a equipment for calcining lime. Its main function is to obtain calcium oxide from calcium carbonate in limestone through high-temperature calcination. There are many types of lime kilns, including rotary kiln, double chamber vertical kiln and so on. Today this article will mainly introduce double chamber vertical kiln.


What is the Double Chamber Vertical Kiln?


Maerz kiln/Double Chamber Vertical Kiln manufacturer,supplier


Double chamber kiln, additionally referred to as Maerz kiln, is a new sort of energy-saving lime kiln introduced from Maerz Firm in Switzerland. Double chamber kiln is the initial large industrial kiln put into use given that the range of lime.


Double chamber kiln has actually been extensively commended in the lime Market for its high output, low energy usage and variety of basic materials and also gas. Up until now, the double chamber lime kiln has actually been established for more than 60 years. The Swiss business Maerz Lime Kiln has developed more than 4000 lime production lines completely time. More than 140 double-chamber lime kilns have been built by Maerz Company in Switzerland, China, a lot of which are 600 tons of double-chamber lime kilns per day. There are likewise about 30 dual chamber lime kilns with a daily output of 400 lots.


The double chamber kiln contains 2 lime calcining heating systems. The two calcining heaters are interconnected as well as alternately calcined. The parallel circulation regenerative double-chamber shaft kiln has two kiln bodies. The upper part of the kiln body has a turning around system, which is made use of to alternately use 2 kiln bodies. The reduced part of the kiln body calcining zone is provided with interconnected networks. The crushed coal spray gun is mounted in the area and buried in sedimentary rock.


The Benefits of Using Maerz Kiln


  • Energy saving:


The Maerz kiln has alternate calcination and preheating and cooling of double cylinders. Its pre-heating zone, calcining zone and cooling zone are all lengthened enough to double the distance. Therefore, the internal heat loss of the double-chamber lime kiln for calcining lime is reduced by more than one-third compared with the single-chamber lime kiln. When the internal calcination temperature remains the same, reducing heat loss can reduce fuel combustion. Therefore, the Maerz kiln is very good in terms of energy saving.


  • Environmental protection:


When we analyzed the energy saving of Maerz kiln above, we learned the principle of energy saving. Energy saving and consumption reduction is a way to reduce exhaust emissions from the root to achieve environmental protection. Our Maerz kiln reduces a lot of pressure for later emissions, so the environmental advantages of Maerz kiln equipment are very clear.


  • Cost-effective construction:


The construction of Maerz kiln is relatively expensive compared to single-chamber lime kilns. However, considering the long-term operation, it is cheaper to build double-chamber lime kilns in terms of operating costs. It is a very wise choice to build a double-chamber lime kiln with sufficient funds. 


The double-chamber lime kiln is one of the representatives of the relatively new type of lime kiln equipment. If you want to know the equipment technology of the double-chamber lime kiln, we will be your best choice. We are the Maerz kiln/Double Chamber Vertical Kiln manufacturer, supplier.