Nano Calcium Carbonate For Offset Ink/Nano Calcium Carbonate For Water Ink

October 29,2021

Calcium Carbonate is a kind of chemical substance which could be mainly divided into light Calcium Carbonate, also well known as precipitated Calcium Carbonate, ground Calcium Carbonate and Nano Calcium Carbonate. Today we are going to talk about Nano Calcium Carbonate, which could be applied to a broad range of area such as ink and plastic.


Nano Calcium Carbonate for offset ink and water ink



The definition of Calcium Carbonate


Calcium Carbonate refers to a kind of inorganic compound whose chemical formula is CaCO₃. Calcium carbonate is alkaline, basically insoluble in water, but soluble in hydrochloric acid. It is one of the common substances on earth, found in aragonite, calcite, chalk, limestone, marble, travertine and other rocks, and is also the main component of the bones or shells of some animals.


Types of Calcium Carbonate


Calcium Carbonate could be divided into three types: light Calcium Carbonate, ground Calcium Carbonate and Nano Calcium Carbonate.


Light calcium carbonate can be acquired by chemical processing method; Heavy calcium carbonate, also known as grinding calcium carbonate, is prepared by directly crushing natural limestone, calcite, chalk and so on by mechanical method.


The particle size and surface characteristics of heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate are different, so there will be differences in the use effect.


Nano calcium carbonate refers to calcium carbonate products with particle size of 1~100nm, including ultra-fine and ultra-fine calcium carbonate products.


The definition of Nano Calcium Carbonate


Nano Calcium Carbonate is an important inorganic salt product prepared by the preparation of nano powder technology using the precipitation method and non-metallic limestone as raw material. Its particle size is between 1-100nm and it has good activity. It is an important inorganic filler and has the advantages of low price, non-toxic, non-irritating, good color and high whiteness.


The application of Nano Calcium Carbonate


Due to its low price, non-toxic and good performance in chemical reaction, it could be applied in so many industries such as rubber making, plastic and ink production.


Rubber industry


Application: tire, hose, adhesive tape, sealing ring, auto parts and other rubber products.

It can improve the tensile properties, reinforcing properties and anti-aging properties of the material. It can not only be used as reinforcing filler alone, but also can be used in combination with other fillers, filling, reinforcing, toning, improving product performance and processing technology, and reducing costs.


Paper industry


Application: thin sheet printing paper, recording paper, high gloss coated paper, cigarette paper and paper diapers, etc

It help to improve the paper apparent fineness, loose density, water resistance; Improve the printing speed and strength of special paper; Adjust the burning speed of cigarette paper, etc.




Range: water ink and offset ink


Nano Calcium Carbonate used in ink products reflects excellent dispersion and transparency and excellent luster, and excellent ink absorption and high drying. Nano Calcium Carbonate used as ink filler in resin ink, has good stability, high gloss, does not affect the drying performance of printing ink. Strong adaptability and other advantages. Therefore, Nano Calcium Carbonate can improve the printing quality.


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