Some Knowledge about Talc Powder

March 29,2022

Seeing that you don't know much about talc powder, let's talk about talc powder with you today.


talc powder


First of all, why should talc be added to cosmetics?


In terms of chemical essence, talc powder is hydrated magnesium silicate; From a popular point of view, talc powder is a powdery solid finely ground by a natural rock mineral.


Due to its large reserves and easy mining and processing, talc powder is widely used today. Talcum powder is used as filler, lubricant, and anti-caking agent in cosmetic products. It is often used in powder products such as honey powder, powder, eye shadow, and blush.


For example, in the powder category, talcum powder has good hiding power and adsorption force, which can help to fill pores, cover defects, and adsorb facial oils to create a silky texture. In the eye shadow blush class, talcum powder lubricity can make the touch of the powder more soft and smooth, and enhance the stretching force.


Above, what we need to know is: talc powder is right! However, talc mixed with asbestos is very wrong!


Secondly, talc = asbestos = carcinogenic?


Talc powder is often confused with asbestos and is even directly linked to cancer. This logic has obvious problems.


In recent years, the carcinogen asbestos is often seen by the public in quality and safety news, and most of its forms are related to talc powder. This is actually because asbestos ore is often associated or symbiotic with talc in the natural environment.


To sum up, that is to say: in the industry, we have already noticed the safety of talc powder (especially the risk of asbestos impurities), and there have been targeted risk assessments and standards. In general, as long as it is a regular product that complies with the regulations, the talc powder can be considered safe and will not threaten human health.


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