Uses And Characteristics Of Different Types Of Zinc Oxide

October 23,2021

Zinc oxide is a kind of white powder chemical, which is widely used in cosmetics and personal care products. Different types of zinc oxide have different uses and characteristics. Today, let's talk about the uses and characteristics of different types of zinc oxide.


zinc oxide


Rubber grade zinc oxide




Rubber grade zinc oxide is used in the production of rubber products such as radial tire, bias tire, conveyor belt, rubber hose, tape, rubber shoes, latex gloves and so on. Its product performance fully meets the requirements of national, Ministry of chemical industry and American ASTM standards.




  1. It has strong activity, uniform particle size and strong dispersion. It has a good role in promoting vulcanization, improves the crosslinking density of vulcanizate and makes vulcanization more thorough.


  1. It can better improve the viscosity of rubber and improve the adhesion between rubber and skeleton materials such as steel wire and cord fabric.


  1. Good dynamic mechanical properties, small deformation, less heat generation and good wear resistance of rubber products, so that it has good aging resistance.


Feed grade zinc oxide




Feed grade zinc oxide is suitable for zinc supplement in all kinds of feeds of poultry, livestock and fishery.




  1. Using zinc oxide as feed additive has low cost. Compared with other zinc sources, the cost of zinc oxide per unit is significantly lower, which is conducive to reducing the feed cost. The addition amount is equivalent to 44% of zinc sulfate monohydrate and 28% of zinc sulfate heptahydrate.


  1. Zinc oxide is a dry powdery zinc source. It has good stability in feed, no water, no caking, invariability, convenient for feed processing and long-term storage, and has little impact on vitamins in feed.


Cosmetics grade zinc oxide




Zinc oxide for cosmetics, used in the production of cosmetics, skin care products and cosmetic additives.




  1. High purity, small particle size, delicate, smooth and tender cosmetics and skin care products, strong adhesion and good durability.


  1. The contents of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic are very small, which all meet the standards of Chinese Pharmacopoeia (CP), British Pharmacopoeia (BP) and American Pharmacopoeia (USP). The cosmetics and skin care products produced have no side effects on human body. We are the leading and professional cosmetics grade zinc oxide manufacturer, supplier, factory, any interests, plz feel free to contact us.


Paint grade zinc oxide




It is used in the production of high-grade paints, coatings and other products and coating intermediates.




  1. Small particle size, large specific surface area, strong adhesion and covering power, which greatly improves the efficiency of the coating.


  1. The product has a small specific gravity and is not easy to form precipitation in use or in the final product.


  1. The product also has the function of shielding ultraviolet rays, and can play an anti-aging role in coatings.


High grade zinc oxide for advanced ceramics




Zinc oxide for advanced ceramics is an important ceramic chemical flux raw material. It is widely used in building ceramic wall, floor tile glaze and low-temperature ceramic glaze. It is also widely used in art glaze. In the ceramic industry, zinc oxide is widely used in the translucent glaze of brick, tile glaze, coarse pottery, the transparent coarse glaze or cooked glaze of craft tableware.




Zinc oxide has a strong melting aid in the glaze, which can reduce the expansion coefficient of the glaze, improve the thermal stability of the product, increase the gloss and whiteness of the glaze and improve the strength of the glaze. It can increase the luster of glaze while expanding the melting range.


Chemical grade zinc oxide




Chemical grade zinc oxide is widely used in the production of zinc stearate, zinc bromide, zinc borate, phosphating solution and other products. It can also be used to adjust and distribute plating solution.




  1. The particle size is small, the particle size is uniform, the dispersion ability is strong, the chemical reaction speed is fast and complete, and the reaction speed is consistent.


  1. The product has high purity and strong stability. Less impurities, greatly reducing the impact of other products on the main product.


  1. The density of single particle is small, the specific gravity is small, and it is not easy to precipitate in the reaction process.


  1. The color is pure white and has no effect on the color of the product after reaction.


The above is some information about different types of zinc oxide, do you know more about it?