What You Should Know about the Uses of Graptolite

May 06,2022

One of the ore resources found in nature, graptolite, also known as concave clay, is a clay mineral with a chain-layered structure containing a water-rich magnesium-aluminum silicate. The mineral has a Mohs hardness of 2-3 and is highly hygroscopic. So, do you know what uses it has?


Different uses of graptolite




👉Building Materials Industry


Dolomite alutite clay is used as a filler, leveling agent, thickener and stabilizer for coatings, with good performance and low cost, replacing traditional light calcium. The coating film of albite coatings is observed in the electron microscope, and its crystals are reticulately arranged and uniformly distributed in the organic binder, so the coating film is resistant to washing and rubbing.


👉Light Industry


Kneading leather, using concave clay instead of soda to knead leather, can save 20-30% of the amount of precious red alum and reduce the cost.


👉Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Multiple Business


As an additive of mixed feed, concave clay powder, with its unique physical properties, can promote the metabolism of animal organism, improve the feed conversion rate, make the animal have a strong appetite, rich fur, fast weight gain, early slaughter, and reduce the feeding cost.




As a suspending agent filler of dyestuff, it has the advantages of no color loss, strong coloring power, scrub resistance, bright color, low production cost, etc. It can also be used as coating and scraping paste in textile industry. As printing paste, in the textile printing and dyeing industry, reactive dyestuff commonly used printing paste for sodium alginate.


👉Geological Exploration, Marine Drilling


Colloidal grade concave bumpy clay can be made into salt resistant clay conforming to OCMA and API standards by further physicochemical processing and increasing its slurry making rate, and it is used in geological drilling, geothermal drilling and oil drilling.


👉Brewing Industry


Concave clay is used to clarify wine, cider, beer and other alcoholic products, which can remove various residual impurities in wine and make the wine pure.


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