What is Universal Tool Grinder?

January 20,2022

Everyone must be very strange to the universal tool grinder. Don't worry. We'll introduce it to you today.


universal tool grinder




Universal tool grinder is mainly composed of a bed, cross sliding plate, lifting sleeve, grinding head, and various accessories. There are four kinds of movements: spindle rotation, longitudinal movement, transverse movement, and vertical lifting movement. The rolling steel guide rail is adapted for longitudinal movement; The lifting sleeve is driven by a rolling lead screw; The lateral movement is a sliding guide rail; The grinding head spindle can realize four speeds for grinding different tools.




The worktable adopts an imported high-precision linear rolling guide rail, with a stable bed and light operation. The machine can match various accessories according to the tools to be ground. It can grind various end mills, end mills, R-type mills, cylindrical mills, three edge mills, single angle mills, reamers, turning tools, R-type turning tools, hobbing tools, drill bits, taps, engraving tools, powerful cutting tools, circular paper cutters and other types of tools.


The motor can rotate 360 degrees, and both sides are equipped with grinding wheels to increase the controllability of tool grinding. When grinding tools of different materials, just rotate the grinding wheel head to start grinding again. There is no need to replace the grinding wheel, which can increase safety and reduce the exchange and repair time of grinding wheels. High strength and toughness fc30 cast iron are adopted to maintain mechanical accuracy for a long time.


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