Why use edible oil filter powder in the food industry

July 17,2021

As a edible oil filter powder factory, we’d like to share the most important information of edible oil filter powder with you. It seems to be amazing that it has such function.


edible oil filter powder


Characteristics of oil filter powder

"Filter oil powder" is a white powder, insoluble in water, oil and organic solvents. It has strong ion exchange, selective adsorption, hydrophilicity, surface activity and catalytic properties.


Why use them?


It can adsorb and remove impurities, neutral colloids, free acids, sulfides, minerals, and coking properties in grease;

Improve the durability and stability of oils, increase oil oxidation resistance, and extend the service life of frying oils;

It can adsorb and remove pigments, aflatoxins, and 3~4 benzene carcinogens in animal and vegetable oils;

The oil has strong decolorizing power, fast filtering speed, low oil content in the filter cake, and small amount of use, which can significantly increase the efficiency of the enterprise and improve the product quality.


As a filter aid, it filters the frying oil and removes food residues in the frying oil that will affect the oil quality in time to ensure the quality of the frying oil. The filter oil powder is removed from the grease with the filtration, and the filtered oil does not contain the filter oil powder.


edible oil filter powder FACTORY


How to use?

According to the degree of new and old oil, the color depth, and the different requirements for decolorization, you can put about 1 kg of oil filter powder into 100 kg of crude oil according to the ratio, heating and stirring continuously, fully adsorption, flocculation, sedimentation and other procedures. And after a period of sedimentation, the fine particles in the grease will gradually settle to the bottom of the pot, and the grease will gradually become clear.


However, if you want to completely clarify, you must go through "microfiltration", and then filter the oil powder from the grease to make the grease Does not contain oil filter powder ingredients. The processed grease can reach the clarity of the second-level barreled grease.


The "oil filter powder" is not only used in the treatment of frying oil in food factories, restaurants, etc.; it can also be used in the purification and filtration of liquids in oil mills, refineries, beverage factories, wineries, pharmaceutical factories, and chemical plants.


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