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November 19,2021

Because the cosmetics Zinc Oxide is pure and pure, it is sterilized by high-energy rays, and contains no radioactive residue, which can increase the time of Foundation's whitening. It is applied to the cosmetics formulation of sunscreen, cleansing cream, skin care and foundation, and helps to converge and cover.


zinc oxide


Features and functions


  1. High purity, small particle size, delicate, smooth and tender cosmetics and skin care products, strong adhesion and good durability.


  1. Cosmetic grade nano zinc oxide is safe and mild. The contents of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury and arsenic are very small. They all meet the standards of Chinese Pharmacopoeia (CP), British Pharmacopoeia (BP) and American Pharmacopoeia (USP). It has become one of the two sunscreen ingredients in class I skin protectants. The cosmetics and skin care products produced have no side effects on human body.


  1. Broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) UV resistance. Fine particles, high purity and extremely low content of harmful substances. As a cosmetic sunscreen product, it can fully resist the harm of ultraviolet rays to human body.


Other applications of zinc oxide


  1. Tire industry


Premium black and dark rubber tires, radial tires


Function: improve the thermal conductivity, wear resistance, tear resistance and tensile strength of the product, and save about 30% of zinc oxide.


  1. Rubber products


Application Overview:


  • Active zinc oxide is mainly used as the reinforcing agent of rubber to make the rubber have good corrosion resistance, tear resistance, elasticity and elongation.


  • The accelerator used in rubber vulcanization process is a multifunctional rubber compounding agent, which is mainly used as vulcanizing active agent and reinforcing agent of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex.


  • When used as vulcanization active agent, it is evenly distributed in the rubber, has a large contact area with hydrogen sulfide, and has a great opportunity for interfacial reaction. In addition, the active zinc oxide product has the catalytic effect of active substances, so that the conversion rate of zinc oxide into zinc sulfide is high.


  • As a vulcanization oxidant, its function is to improve the activity of accelerator, reduce the dosage of accelerator and shorten the vulcanization cycle.


  • It can accelerate the vulcanization speed, improve the thermal conductivity of vulcanizate and make vulcanization more thorough.


  • Active zinc oxide is an excellent vulcanizing active agent in the rubber industry, especially in the production of transparent rubber products.


  1. Paint


  • Used in coatings, it has strong coloring, anti-corrosion and covering properties, and improves the mildew resistance and UV aging resistance of coatings.


  • Zinc oxide has good pigment properties and is widely used in coating industry, especially antirust paint and primer. The amount of zinc oxide in the formula can sometimes reach 30%.


  • It can be mixed with oil to form coatings with high coloring power and covering power.


  • Used in inorganic paint and emulsion paint.


  • It is used in emulsion paint for building interior and exterior walls, which can make the coating have the function of shielding ultraviolet rays, absorbing infrared rays and sterilizing and mildew proofing.


  • Used in waterborne coatings.


  1. Glass


Adding zinc oxide to glass can increase transparency, brightness and tensile deformation, and reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion.


In addition, it is also used in optical glass, electrical glass and low melting point glass.


  1. Cable


Zinc oxide is used as reinforcing agent to make the cable have good corrosion resistance, tear resistance, elasticity and elongation.


  1. Oil


Zinc oxide is used as an additive for petroleum products.


  1. Paint


Zinc oxide is used as a brightener.


  1. Plastic products


Zinc oxide as ultraviolet stabilizer, also known as light stabilizer, can improve the atmospheric resistance of polyethylene.


  1. Electronic industry


Ferrite, a magnetic material used to make electronic structural components.


  1. Chemical fiber textile field


Used in viscose fiber, synthetic fiber products, UV resistant fabric, antibacterial fabric and sunshade umbrella.


  1. Phosphating solution


Zinc Oxide is used for phosphating. It is stable in phosphating solution. It is clear and transparent after dissolution. It makes the phosphating solution better protect against corrosion, anti-aging and protect metals on the metal surface.


  1. The preferred material for preparing desulfurizer and chemical catalyst


The prepared zinc oxide desulfurizer is widely used in the deep desulfurization and purification process of industrial feed gas and oil such as synthetic ammonia, methanol and hydrogen production. It can effectively reduce the concentration of trace hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfur in the gas at a certain temperature and pressure.


  1. Quick drying ink


The zinc resin prepared by reacting with resin acid can be used to produce fast drying ink and has good coloring effect.


  1. Chemical raw materials


It is used in zinc reaction and production of chemical industrial raw materials. Such as zinc phosphate, zinc acetate, zinc borate, etc.


  1. Ceramics


Zinc oxide is used as flux in ceramics.


  1. Printing materials


Zinc oxide is used for coloring paint, ink and lacquer cloth, and as a printing anti dye for printing and dyeing industry.


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