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October 29,2021

Cosmetics grade zinc oxide is a nano-zinc oxide specially made for cosmetics. Nano-zinc oxide has special effects on the skin such as anti-ultraviolet, astringent, moisturizing and sterilizing. It also has high purity, small particle size, delicate cosmetics and skin care products, smooth and tender, strong adhesion, and good durability. The content of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic is extremely low, and they all meet the standards of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (CP), British Pharmacopoeia (BP), and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). The cosmetics and skin care products produced have no side effects on the human body. Today's blog mainly discusses the use of zinc oxide for cosmetics.


The usage of cosmetics grade zinc oxide


cosmetics grade zinc oxide


Rubber industry


It can be used as a functional additive such as a vulcanizing activator to improve the performance indicators of rubber products' smoothness, abrasion resistance, mechanical strength and anti-aging performance, reduce the usage of ordinary zinc oxide, and extend the service life;


Ceramic industry


As a latex porcelain glaze and flux, it can reduce the sintering temperature, improve gloss and flexibility, and has excellent performance;


Defense industry


Nano-zinc oxide has a strong ability to absorb infrared rays, and the ratio of absorption rate to heat capacity is large. It can be applied to infrared detectors and infrared sensors. Nano-zinc oxide also has the characteristics of light weight, light color, strong wave absorption ability, etc. It can effectively absorb and attenuate radar waves, and apply them to new wave-absorbing stealth materials;


Textile industry


It has good ultraviolet shielding performance and superior antibacterial and antibacterial properties. When added to the fabric, it can give the fabric the functions of sun protection, antibacterial, and deodorization;


Feed industry


As a kind of nano material, nano-zinc oxide has the characteristics of high-efficiency biological activity, high absorption rate, strong anti-oxidation ability, safety and stability, etc. It is currently the most ideal zinc source. Substituting nano-zinc oxide for high-zinc in feed can not only solve the animal's demand for zinc, but also reduce environmental pollution. The usage of nano-zinc oxide can play an antibacterial and antibacterial effect, and at the same time improve animal production performance;


Coatings and other fields


Metal oxide powders such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, and magnesium oxide, etc., when these powders are made into nanoscale, the size of the particles is equivalent to or smaller than the light wave, and the conduction band is caused by the size effect. The interval between the valence band and the valence band increases, so the light absorption is significantly enhanced. Various powders have different differences in light shielding and reflection efficiency. When comparing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, when the wavelength is less than 350 nanometers (UVB), the shielding efficiency of the two is similar, but when the wavelength is from 350 to 400 nm (UVA), the shielding efficiency of zinc oxide is significantly higher than that of titanium dioxide. At the same time, the refractive index of zinc oxide (n=1.9) is less than that of titanium dioxide (n=2.6), and the diffuse reflectance of light is lower, which makes the fiber transparency higher and is beneficial to the dyeing and finishing of textiles.


Nano-zinc oxide can also be used to make far-infrared reflective fiber material, commonly known as far-infrared ceramic powder. And this kind of far-infrared reflective fiber absorbs the heat emitted by the human body and then radiates far-infrared rays in a certain wavelength range to the human body. In addition to increasing the blood flow in the subcutaneous tissue of the human body and promoting blood circulation, it can also shield infrared rays. Reduce heat loss, so the fiber is more heat-storing and heat preservation than ordinary fiber.


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