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October 29,2021

The chemical composition of edible oil filter powder is magnesium trisilicate that is one of food grade magnesium silicate. As an edible oil filter powder manufacturer, we will give you a detailed introduction to the oil filter powder and how to use it.


edible oil filter powder


The nature of oil filter powder

The "oil filter powder" is a sub-white powder, insoluble in water, oil and organic solvents, and has strong ion exchange, selective adsorption, hydrophilicity, surface activity and catalytic properties. It can absorb and remove impurities, neutral colloids, free acids, sulfides, minerals, and coking properties in grease; improve the durability and stability of grease, increase oil oxidation resistance, and extend the service life of frying oil; Absorbs and removes pigments, aflatoxins, 3~4 benzene carcinogens in animal and vegetable oils; this product has strong decolorizing power for grease, fast filtration speed, low oil content in the filter cake, and small usage, which can significantly improve the company Benefit, improve product quality.


The role of oil filter powder

The oil filter powder is a non-toxic, odorless white powder. Used in edible oil, (also commonly used in lubricating oil, diesel, hydraulic oil), etc., it has the functions of clarification, decolorization, purification, and removal of heavy metals and Aspergillus flavus. Especially for frying oil after being heated at high temperature for many hours, many chemical reactions occur in the oil. At the same time, the carbonized residue suspended in the oil, especially the fine flour, starch particles and black colloids, becomes the catalyst for the oxidation reaction and hydrolysis reaction of the oil. , Is a major factor in reducing the quality of grease. Being able to filter out this part of the substance in time to prevent its catalysis caused by repeated heating is the key to solving the problem of how to extend the life of grease.


fry oil


Why use oil filter powder in food?

As a filter aid, it filters the frying oil and removes food residues in the frying oil that will affect the oil quality in time to ensure the quality of the frying oil. The filter oil powder is removed from the grease with the filtration, and the filtered oil does not contain the filter oil powder.

How to use oil filter powder?

The oil filter powder is available in industrial grade and edible grade. When processing, it is directly added and mixed with the oil to produce the oil. According to the degree of new and old oil, the color depth, and the different requirements for decolorization, you can put about 1 kg of oil filter powder into 100 kg of crude oil according to the ratio, heating and stirring continuously, fully adsorption, flocculation, sedimentation and other procedures. And after a period of sedimentation, the fine particles in the grease will gradually settle to the bottom of the pot, and the grease will gradually become clear. However, if you want to completely clarify, you must go through "microfiltration", and then filter the oil powder from the grease to make the grease Does not contain oil filter powder ingredients. The processed grease can reach the clarity of the second-level barreled grease.

"Edible oil filter powder" is mainly used in the treatment of frying oil in food factories, restaurants, etc.; in addition, it can also be used in the purification and filtration of liquids in oil mills, refineries, beverage factories, wineries, pharmaceutical factories, and chemical plants.


Where can I buy edible oil filter powder?

You can buy it on this website. We produce nano-precipitated calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, zinc carbonate, talc, synthetic magnesium silicate, attapulgite, and mica powder for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and industrial products. At the same time, we provide nano-precipitated calcium carbonate for technology transfer. If you are interested, you can contact us through the contact information at the bottom.


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