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October 29,2021

Vertical grinding mill is a kind of equipment mainly used for ultra-fine powder. The particle size of the material produced by this equipment is a problem that users are more concerned about. So how does the vertical mill ensure the fineness of the finished material? Now the vertical grinding mill factory will share these important information for you here.


wholesale Vertical Grinding Mill


Brief history of vertical grinding mill

The first vertical mill was developed in Germany in the 1920s. Its grinding principle is similar to our China's grain grinding mill. It uses the material bed grinding principle to grind materials, which overcomes many defects in the grinding mechanism of ball mills. It has high grinding efficiency and low power consumption (saving electricity than ball mills). 20%~30%), large drying capacity, large granularity of materials allowed to be ground, simple grinding process, small footprint, low civil construction cost, low noise, low wear, long life, easy operation and other advantages.


After 90 years of development, the vertical mill technology has been very mature, especially since the 1960s, with the birth of the preheating and pre-decomposition technology and the large-scale new dry cement production line, the vertical mill has been widely used in the foreign cement industry. Application, its technical level has been further improved and perfected. Many foreign companies have successively developed various types of vertical mills, all of which have achieved success. At present, the world's largest vertical mill has a single output of 600t/h, which can be matched with a cement production line of 8000t/d to grind cement raw materials.


How to ensure the fineness of finished materials produced by vertical mills?

The vertical mill uses the principle of material layer grinding when processing materials in the production line. This processing method can ensure that the finished materials produced are in good shape. The vertical mill equipment is mainly used to produce materials that are required by the market. Therefore, the fineness of the produced material is more important. Normally, the pulverized material is carried by the circulating air inlet of the air inlet to the classifier for fineness classification. This process is the key to ensuring the production of high-quality ultra-fine powder. From this description, it can be seen that the air volume and wind speed of the vertical mill equipment play a vital role in the particle size of the finished product after production.


Strictly speaking, the pulverized material in the process of material production by the vertical milling equipment is generally driven by the wind speed of the quantitative system. The material with the required particle size enters the collector with the airflow and becomes the finished mineral powder, and the particle size does not meet the requirements. The material will fall into the grinding chamber of the vertical mill again under the action of gravity to receive the secondary powder selection, thus ensuring the uniformity of the particle size of the finished product produced.


Therefore, the adjustment of the vertical mill wind speed and air volume is a key factor in determining the yield of qualified materials. This is a problem that Hy-Sailing pays more attention to during the production process. The air volume adjustment of the vertical mill system in the milling production line is generally In two ways, one is to control the size of the material particles, and the other is to adjust the wind speed of the circulating airflow and the thickness of the material layer.


The operating principle of the circulating air flow inside the vertical mill is different from the wind speed of the discharge port. In order to improve production efficiency, the wind speed of the discharge port pipe is generally controlled above 20m/s during production.

In addition to the wind speed mentioned above, there are many factors that affect the fineness of the finished material. From the current situation of China's grinding industry, the ultra-fine grinding process of the raw material by the vertical mill is the most efficient material processing program in China. The application of this equipment in the production line can make the slag discharge in the production process the least, the lowest energy consumption, the highest qualification rate, and greatly improve the production efficiency. Shanghai Hy-Sailing Chemical, a wholesale vertical grinding mill manufacturer, supplier, factory, is committed to providing them with low slag discharge and low energy consumption, which can help improve production efficiency.